What Are The Medical Uses Of Cannabis? The 4 Most Common Uses

Cannabis is known by different names. When you say weed, pot, marijuana or hash, all these names are referring to one thing– Cannabis. Cannabis is a drug that comes from the Cannabis Sativa hemp plant.

Cannabis is not only meant for recreational purposes, it also has medicinal benefits. Cannabis that is used for medical purposes is used in medical marijuana.

Cannabis has proven to be useful to help relieve medical and even mental conditions. After use, the cannabis may take effect immediately and last for about 3 to 4 hours. 

Cannabis may be taken in different forms; it could be in the form of pills, mouth spray, capsules, or oil. Some people however prefer to smoke it or put it into their food.

What Are The Medical Benefits of Cannabis?

Research has shown that cannabis can be used as a treatment for various medical conditions. Some of them will be listed below:

Chronic pain

Research has shown that cannabis can be used for chronic pain. Chronic pain is one of the leading factors that’s causing disability. A large percentage of adults and young ones alike are suffering from the excruciating pain that’s impeding their activities. 

According to research, cannabis or other products that have cannabinoids in them can be used to treat chronic pain. Cannabinoids are the dominant ingredients in cannabis so any other products that contain it can perform the same work as cannabis.

Alcoholism and drug addiction

Cannabis can be used to fight alcohol and drug addiction. It may sound strange but according to the review of evidence published in the journal clinical psychology review, it’s true.

However, there are two sides to it. While cannabis is used for alcohol and drug addiction, the patient may become dependent on cannabis and that’s another addiction. 

Hence caution needs to be applied in prescribing cannabis to drug and alcohol addicts.

Depression, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, and social anxiety

The use of cannabis for depression, PTSD, and social anxiety is a case of walking on thin ice. Cannabis is not good medicine for other mental illnesses like bipolar disorder and psychosis, however, if applied in appropriate measures it can work for social anxiety and the rest. However, excess use of it may cause the patient to relapse.


Research shows that oral cannabinoids are good for fighting against the aftermath of chemotherapy (nausea and vomiting). Other evidence suggests that smoked cannabis may help to reduce the symptoms of cancer.

Some research also shows that cannabis can either kill or reduce the growth process of some kinds of cancer. Conversely, some reviews have shown that although cannabinoids can be used as a treatment for cancer, it doesn’t guarantee that they can fully control or cure cancer.

On a final note;

Cannabis can be used as a treatment for some medical conditions. The fact that it’s medicinal does not license it to be abused. Before using cannabis to cure any illness, first, seek proper medical advice. Also, whether for medical or recreational purposes, do not drive or operate machines when you take cannabis.

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